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Computer Repair And Maintenance Services

  • Blue Screen Death
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Computer not Boot up
  • Computer Shuts Down
  • PC Optimizer
  • Computer Running Slow
  • Defrag Computer
  • Fix Computer Problems
  • Connecting Computers With Peripherals
  • Malware Removal
  • Solving OS Issues
  • Computer Networking
  • Format & Reformat Hard Drive
  • PC Health Check
  • Rapid Start
  • Registry Clean & Repair
  • Tune-up & Optimization
  • System Restoration
  • System Start-up Problems
  • Speeding Up Slow Computers
  • High-Configuration Desktop And Laptop Repair
  • Memory Problem
  • Wireless Networking
  • Disc Recovery

Computer Repair Near Me – we are the best and most reliable

If you need computer repair near me services or have a malfunctioning desktop or laptop, then it can become a huge problem and will keep from doing your work smoothly and efficiently. You may be an entrepreneur, college student, or work from home mom – without a properly functioning computer your work or project will be at stake. As a professional computer repair near me service provider, we know how frustrating it is to have non-functioning or malfunctioning personal computers.

Computers are crucial investments and people need to them working efficiently and properly to carry with their work or projects. Be it a virus-infected laptop, or an accidently damaged PC, we can fix it quickly with our trustworthy computer repair near me services. You can rely on our experts who can fix your laptop with professional care. They can diagnose your PC and repair the same to get it back to an excellent condition pretty fast.

All our experts are well-trained and knowledgeable handle all types computer repairs. Irrelevant of what your computer’ brand is, or how the complicated the issues, we can repair it within a short time. Listed below are the services we provide and excel in.

Quick and fast remote support online for your computer

Online remote support through TeamViewer

Do you have issues with your computer, but don’t have the time to take it to a store to get it fixed? No problem, you can simply get your PC repaired with our exclusive online remote computer repair near me service, while saving your precious time and hard-earned money

Desktop setup support

Need to set your new desktop computer setup with the required software and applications? Contact us

We, with our computer repair near me services can help you in:

  • Installing Operating systems with latest updates and applications
  • Installing network security, anti-malware, anti-spyware, and anti-virus software programs
  • Installing any software as per your requirement
  • Transferring important documents and files like music, documents, photos and videos from one device to another printers and scanners
  • Running performance test to ensure optimal performance of your computer
  • Installing back-up hard disk drives and external devices like Data recovery and Back-up

We store important data and documents on our computers. If we lose it, we may not be able to recover it without a back-up. So, we help our clients in

  • Backing up all their important data on external hard disk drives
  • Backing up the information on the cloud by helping them create a cloud account and save all their data there. Therefore, they can access their data from any part of the world as long as they are online and logged onto their cloud account. They can do this both mobile devices and computers

Virus removal – be safe while online

  • Spyware, virus, and malware removal.
  • Advice on security software

Hardware upgradation

  • Enhance your computer’s performance by upgrading the hardware
  • Test you CPU, hard drives, graphics cards and RAM installed properly

To know about our computer repair near me services, call us right away or browse through our website.

Our Services

What We Do

computer repair me services

Computer Repair

Is your PC malfunctioning? Do you need fast computer repair services? We have trained computer repair experts who can restore your computer to factory condition.

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Tablet Repair

Is your tablet acting weird? Do you think it needs a repair? Call us right away, we will make it working flawlessly before if you even know it.

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Iphone Repair

Our expert iPhone engineers have vast knowledge and experience in fixing all types iPhone issues. Be it an iPhone 10 or iPhone 5c, our technicians will fix them for you at affordable costs.

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Mobile & Phone Repair

Are you dependent on your smartphone to do important tasks and there is a problem with it? Don’t worry, leave it to us – we will make it work as it worked at the time of purchase.

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Troubleshooting Computer Problems & Solutions

Are you facing any difficulty in your PC? Are you looking for any desktop repair shop near you? The functioning has become way too easy now. This is only possible because CRNM (Computer Repair Near Me) has stretched their arms out as helping hand. Today, every PC is capable of functioning. Thus, it has helped to make PC faster, smarter and advanced. Be it any problem, CRNM has stretched out arm to help in every possible way and come into a final solution.

Since CRNM has proper knowledge of every brand of computer, it is possible to solve any kind of problem irrespective of the computer brand. CRNM (Computer Repair Near Me) functions even faster than any other repair shop? They function in time one will take to have lunch. They are more than happy to serve people at home or office.

Whether your desktop PC runs the Mac OS, Windows desktop, or a Linux variation or whether it is authorized by Apple, Sony, Google, Dell, HP, Toshiba or any of the other numerous producers, they have seen your desktop land at their expert's tables broken, or running slower than solidified water. You name the issue, they have altered it. They offer 100% free diagnostics on all PC repairs so you’ll never need to pay a dime to recognize what the issue is with your PC.

Free Diagnostic

The most ideal and important method for taking care of any problem is to prevent and take precautions to stop that problem to arise. CRNM offer free Diagnostic for any model of PC. It functions well to organize a prepared expert to routinely check your desktop PCs.

Ram Memory Repair

If you see a dim screen on your desktop when it is turned on, or in the case that the PC is running gradually with wristwatches or hourglasses displayed on the desktop, then there are quite a few conceivable reasons. It can be the case that there is a similarity with rendition of the framework. If you lack the startup plate, still there is no need to worry about it. CRNM have all the sorts of startup circles for different adaptations of Mac OS, windows, Linux and all others? Even if you need a substitute memory, CRNM can re-introduce RAM in your desktop.

Water Damage Repair

If you or someone has spilled water over your desktop, it is compulsory to take proper action as soon as possible. It is needed to consult a proficient expert immediately. CRNM will start the process of repairing very soon after the incident and try to prevent further damage of your desktop. You may also find that even after water is spilled into your desktop, it might run properly for sometime. On the contrary, if your desktop has become wet then without trying to turn it on you should get in touch with CRNM (Computer Repair Near Me).

Hard Drive Repair

In few cases, the hard drive all of a sudden stops functioning. Whether it is because of a drop, knock or time, the reason actually doesn't matter. The important part is the data or information that has been stored in the hard drive since last few weeks or even few years. In this case, you must get in touch with CRNM for a free diagnostic. They will check your hard drive and give you a cost that would be recoverable. They will be able to collect all the data from the knocked down hard drive and store it in a new hard drive and replace it.

Why Choose Us

CRNM (Computer Repair Near Me), with trained and experienced service engineers can repair any type of computer, both onsite and offsite. With an outstanding 15 years of experience in repairing different types of computers, we can repair any type of problem related to computers. We specialize in repairing computers from big brands like DELL, Sony, IBM, HP, and Apple among others. We also excel in major Operating Systems like Windows, MacOS and Linux. We strive to provide our clients with straightforward and precise advice and services with their budgetary requirements in mind. We can support both residential and commercial users with different problems from broken displays to virus removals, and data recovery to network issues, and almost anything in between.

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